Handle person accounts in Home windows from CMD with Web Consumer

The Web Consumer command line is extraordinarily helpful in terms of managing person accounts in

The Web Consumer command line is extraordinarily helpful in terms of managing person accounts in Home windows 10 and Home windows 11 as we can carry out quite a few actions with this command, comparable to including a brand new person account or altering the password of an current account, and many others, as we’ll see beneath.

What’s NetUser

NetUser is a command line software which is accessible for each Home windows 10 and Home windows 11, by which it permits us to show details about the person accounts of the system, make some modifications to them in a easy method and even activate the inactive administrator account of the system. That’s the reason by this command we will add, delete or modify person accounts.

It’s a software primarily utilized by system directors, who often entry the working system by SSH and execute totally different instructions within the console. However the infinite potentialities of this software should not restricted to only the makes use of talked about above.

Since that is an administrator account command line software, it may be used each from the Image of the system as from PowerShell when run as administrator. To open it from Command Immediate, simply sort CMD within the Begin menu search field and click on “Run as administrator”.

Makes use of of the Web Consumer command

Using Web Consumer doesn’t have many problems as we’ll see beneath. If we run it from the Command Immediate with none arguments behind it, it’s going to maintain displaying us an inventory with all customers that now we have created in our working system.

Web Consumer

Should you see a person account with the identify WDAGUtilityAccount we should always not fear, since this account is a part of Home windows Defender Software Guard and gives further safety to our pc, in opposition to malicious assaults, after we browse the Web.

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fundamental instructions

Web Consumer helps many parameters, however there are some that you just would possibly use extra usually than others.

  • Web Consumer username: This command lists detailed details about the person that we specify. This contains info comparable to final login, native group membership, and password info.

web person username password /add

So as to add the person with password we have to exchange the “username” a part of the command line with the identify you wish to give to the account and the “password” with a password that shall be used to log in to the account.

  • Web Consumer username password: Units the password for the person account.

web person username password

To vary the password of a person account we exchange “username” with the username and “password” with the password that we wish to set up

  • Web Consumer username /delete: Delete the person and all the things associated to its configuration. The modifications made should not reversible.

web person username /delete

To take away a person we should exchange the “username” within the command line with the person account you wish to take away out of your pc.

  • Web Consumer username /lively:sure|no: Activate the account in order that it may be used. In case of building it, it doesn’t deactivate the account.
  • Web Consumer username password /add: creates a brand new person within the system, incorporates the brand new username and the password that we would like that person to have particularly.

Web Consumer Command Syntax

The command syntax appears complicated at first look, because it reveals varied instructions you possibly can run if you run its helper command which is able to present us all of the instructions which might be obtainable, together with what each does. To do that, sort the next command and press Enter:

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web person /assist

net user help

It will present us the proper syntax, choices and features obtainable with this software.

[usuario [contraseña | *] [opciones]] [/DOMAIN]
person * /ADD [opciones] [/DOMAIN]
Username [/DELETE] [/DOMAIN]
Username [/TIMES: ALL]
Username [/ACTIVE: NO]

  • Consumer: identify of the person account you wish to add, delete, modify or view. The person account identify might be as much as 20 characters lengthy.
  • Password: Assign or change the password for the person account. Passwords should meet the minimal size set with the /MINPWLEN possibility on the NET ACCOUNTS command, and might be as much as 14 characters.
  • * (asterisk): creates a password request. The password is not going to be displayed whereas it’s being typed.
  • /DOMAIN: Performs the operation on a site controller within the present area.
  • /ADD: Provides a person account to the person account database.
  • /DELETE: Removes a person account from the person account database.

Different instructions of curiosity

This assist command additionally reveals us different attention-grabbing choices that we will perform with Web Consumer:

  • /COMMENT:»textual content»: gives a descriptive remark concerning the person account. Write a textual content between quotes.
  • /COUNTRYCODE:nnn: makes use of the nation/area code of the working system to make use of the language recordsdata specified within the assist and error messages for the person. A price of 0 signifies the default nation/area code.
  • /EXPIRES: NEVER: causes the account to run out if a date is about. NEVER doesn’t set a time restrict on the account. The expiration date should be within the format mm/dd/yy(yy). Months might be indicated by numbers, names, or three-letter abbreviations. The yr should include 2 or 4 numbers. Use ahead slashes (/) as a substitute of areas to separate components of the date.
  • /FULLNAME:»identify»: full identify of the person (versus a username). Enclose the identify in citation marks.
  • /HOMEDIR:path: units the trail to the person’s dwelling listing. The trail should exist.
  • /PASSWORDCHG: NOT: specifies whether or not customers can change their password. The default worth is YES.
  • /PASSWORDREQ: NOT: specifies whether or not a person account will need to have a password. The default worth is YES.
  • /LOGONPASSWORDCHG:NO: specifies whether or not the person should change their very own password on the subsequent login. The default possibility is NO.
  • /PROFILEPATH[:ruta]: units a path for the person’s login profile.
  • /SCRIPTPATH:path: location of the person’s login script.
  • /TIMES: ALL: login hours. TIMES is expressed as day[-día][,día[-día]],time[-hora][,hora [-hora]], restricted to 1-hour increments. The times might be written in full or abbreviated. Hours might be expressed in 12-hour or 24-hour notation. Use am, pm, amo pm for 12-hour notation. ALL signifies {that a} person can all the time log in, and a clean worth signifies that they will by no means log in. Separate day and hour values ​​with commas, and separate a number of day and hour values ​​with semicolons.
  • /USERCOMMENT:»textual content»: permits an administrator so as to add or change the person remark for the account.
  • /WORKSTATIONS: *: shows as much as 8 computer systems on the community from which a person will be capable to go browsing. If /WORKSTATIONS has no listing or if listing is *, the person will be capable to join from any pc.
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As we will see, Web Consumer is an especially attention-grabbing command to have the ability to handle and configure person accounts in Home windows 10 and Home windows 11. With its use we will create, modify, delete, add passwords and plenty of different attention-grabbing and helpful parameters.