it, however are you aware why Linux’s mascot is a penguin?

If we wish to know the origins of this mascot, we should return to 1991,

If we wish to know the origins of this mascot, we should return to 1991, the yr through which Linus Torvalds created the Linux Kernel, a set of strains of code that, earlier than being the idea of hundreds of distributions, had the target of controlling {hardware} elements from a pc. In 1993, a fairy penguin bit Linus Torvalds throughout a visit to Australia, being, though he didn’t comprehend it but, this animal linked to the brand new open supply working system.

In 1996, Linus was in search of a brand to affiliate together with his working system. And, after many options from the group (starting from foxes to eagles or sharks), the creator lastly got here throughout an animation, shared on networks by Alan Cox, of this animal. The spherical eyes and ample stomach made me robotically determine to make it the Linux brand, a “cute” brand that wouldn’t scare new customers.

This penguin has accompanied Linux all through its life, though the ultimate model of the mascot everyone knows was designed by Larry Ewing utilizing the GIMP digital drawing software program. And as for the title, Tux, it’s simply an abbreviation for Torvalds Unix.

Tux’s shadow is elongated

Because the Nineties, Tux has been the face of Linux. This brand, additionally with an open license, may also be utilized in any design with out having to pay rights or royalties, as anticipated from a system like Linux. However the good mascot has not stayed solely within the core legacy, however has gone additional, and has a number of extra curiosities:

  • Tux has starred in a number of video games: SuperTux, Tux Paint, SuperTuxKart, Tux Racer, and Tux Math Scrabble, amongst others.
  • Whereas Tux is black in shade, he has a number of feminine variants. The most effective identified is Robe, the “pink Tux”, though there are additionally different alternate options corresponding to Penny, Trixi and Tuxette.
  • The most effective identified Tux wallpapers are the modifications of the Home windows backgrounds with the penguin humiliating the Microsoft system.
  • The smallest illustration of this brand is simply 130 microns in dimension, and is situated on the ring of a microprocessor.
  • Tux has been current in a number of NASA tasks, so lets say that the penguin has been in house.
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